Health Benefits & Risks Associated With Waterfront Properties

Waterfront-Properties-9Owning a waterfront property is a dream for so many of us. It’s so much better to wake up to the sea breeze sneaking into your bedroom, rather than to be disturbed in sleep by the honking of buses and cars on the road – right under your apartment’s nose. The sloshing of waves or the sound of river water kissing the shore, invites you for a coffee date with nature. Finishing the day’s work, you stroll on the sandy beach or the lake/river side. Or, just sit and watch last of the Sun, being sucked into horizon. Sundays can be recreational with a family time well spent over the banks of the river/lake or the beach. Is there a need to mention about the beach-side-house parties? Waterfront homes also give you an advantage of not being squeezed in an apartment facing another apartment. Also, there are almost zero chances of skyscrapers springing up in front of your residence building. And then there are bragging rights you enjoy for owning a waterfront property. The waterfront properties come with a premium value. But a healthy lifestyle that comes as a promise, can be totally worth the investment. A lifetime of health benefits you can gift to your family is beyond description.

But Residing near a water body have some health complications too, according to a recent study by Sakra World hospital, Bangalore. The doctors states that a fair share of snakes and other critters were responsible for a lot of hospital appointments. If you too are in a hurry to book an appointment, you can visit and book it right away.

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How To Remove Streaks On Windows? (With Additional Tips)

You spend you weekend scrubbing your windows squeaky clean. You rub the sweat bead away only to see an alarming streaks marking its way on your window glass! Now, you pick up your cloth again to start the arduous task.

We have all been there. That annoying streak that made us do it all over again.

Window cleaning can be time consuming, dangerous and strenuous too. And it is okay for not wanting to clean it yourself. Ortega Window cleaning in encinitas has well-trained team of professionals to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you.

I say, no more! Today, lets brainstorm and come up with the perfect solution on how to remove streaks on windows.


First, Let’s Look At The Most Common Cause Of Window Streaks

  1. Your window cleaner: Some window cleaner solutions have ingredients that may leave streaks. This happens when the residue from the ingredients dry and evaporate before you wipe it clean.
  2. Amount of cleaner: Adding of too little cleaner is also the cause for streaks. This is because, your little amount of cleaner will be easy to dry up before you wipe the glass dry with your towel, and thus wipe the dirt around and not remove it.
  3. Your type of towel: Towels that are not fully absorbent spreads the drift and moisture that causes streaks after they dry up. Also, if you are using a towel that you have already sued for other cleaning purpose, it may leave behind some residue and thus cause streaks!

Now, Let’s Look At How To Remove Streaks On Windows

#1 Choose the right cleaning solution

Sometimes, streaks will appear after a period of time. This is because, the chemicals in your solution are non-evaporable and thus left in the glass as residue.

What you need to do:

Make sure that your window cleaning solution is ammonia based because it evaporates quickly without leaving behind residue.

What if you live in a place where the temperature changes frequently?

Opt for concentrated glass cleaners, and when diluting the solution, ensure that it is concentrated amount. For hot and dry climate, you should more water than the cleaning solution. For cooler and moist climate use less water. (if you use ⅔  for hot climate, cut it down to ½ for cooler climate)

#2 Choose the right equipment

I am not talking about the expensive ones, but the equipment that are the right fit for your type of windows.

Towel: Always choose a fully absorbent lint-free towels. You can use a suede microfiber towel or a dry waffle weave towel as a follow through.

Squeegee: Always choose a good window squeegee to ensure that no lints are left behind. It can also quickly remove any cleaning solution from your glass. You can opt for disposable squeegees as well.

#3 Use window washer:

If you windows are an attraction to bird droppings, bugs, or tars, then a decent window washer is what you need.

How are they different from squeegee?

Window washers comes with a semi-abrasive towel attached to a handle and shaped like a window squeegee. The towel part is made from cotton enclosed in a nylon net. It is this nylon netting that helps in removing tough stains.

MUST-KNOW Rule For Cleaning Windows

#1 When is the right time to clean windows?

A cloudy day is the right time for you to clean windows. Cleaning windows during windy or sunny weather where the sun shines directly on your windows will simply leave your window with streaks.

Why? Because, when it is windy or sunny, evaporation is quicker and the solution dries up on the glass before you can wash them off.

#2 What is the proper washing and wiping technique?

Whether you are pulling the squeegee or the cloth horizontally or vertically, what matters is that you should do it with an even pressure.

How? Wipe your squeegee dry after every one run of the wipe else you risk leaving more streaks. Then wipe the glass clean with a dry cloth which you can do so by overlapping the squeegee with your cloth. Do not forget to wipe the outside perimeter of your window as well.

With the right technique, tools and solution, you are just a wipe away from a streak free windows!

How Local SEO Made My Vacation Planning Much Easier

As summer draws close, I decided it was time to do something fun for the family. When you are living around North of Carolina, you will understand the craving for an escape to a cool place. Our family has never been to the Lake Gaston areas for vacations, so I decided to look for Vacation homes around the waterfront properties.

Before making calls to the real-estate agents, I decided to do my own legwork on the internet. 90% of buyers use the internet for house hunting? Guilty as charged! The thing is, I prefer being prepared with my own questions after checking out the properties photos. This way the agents will not make a fool out of me and I will not waste their time either.

With a cup of coffee, I sat about in front of my computer. What impressed me was the amount of options I got. As soon as I typed in “Vacation homes in Lake Gaston”, I got many answers! (Now, these real estate agents are sure doing a great deal of local SEO!). This reminded me of my friend, who is now a successful real-estate Agent. He would always say-

“To be successful in property dealings, think locally and then expand”.


Well, after an hour of checking the pictures, short- listing the properties and jotting down the contact details,  I finally made my call to the agents. I made few appointments and went down to check the properties. A drive here and a drive there, making decisions all by myself was absolutely not an easy job. I did make my booking though. P.s. I also got to know about this local seo agency in san francisco, Leftmark while searching for search engine optimization companies for my dad’s local transporation business.

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Comparing the old and new ways of doing business in real estate

Real estate has been the centre of great interest for all businessman since long back.This is because it requires less input and offers greater output. Second reason for the hike in this arena is due to greater demand. With the changing time, the process and ways to do this business has also changed very much, which could be pointed out easily.

Lately, a lot has changed in the way business is done in real estate. Let’s take a look at the comparisons between the old ways and the new ways of doing business in real estate:


Differences in the way of searching-

  • In old times, buyers would look in the real estate section of the newspaperREALESTATE in the specific areas to sell or buy any property. They would identify the homes of interest and then either go to the open house or call their agent to make an appointment.
  • Today, of course, the vast majority of buyers (90%) look online first, and agents send daily updates to their buyers updates. It is a better option as it is a huge time saver. Excellent photography, video clips, Google maps together make the search easier.

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Benefits of owning waterfront properties

A waterfront living is a lifelong dream for many because of the beautiful view that it offers. How do you resist a 7392078lakefront rustic cottage with charming simple furnishings and an unassuming appearance on the outside?

Let’s take a look at other benefits of owning waterfront properties –

Stunning Views from Your Own Backyard:

  • During your delightful vacations, your long summer days can be spent lazing by the lakefront, swimming in the lake. Indeed, a relaxing, idyllic time.
  • In recent past , streamside  residency  were built as summer houses for wealthy city dwellers, and they were majestic and expensively outfitted.

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Top 6 Best Property Apps For Selling, Searching And Renting.

Gone are the days of putting up “For Sale” signpost outside your home and waiting for prospects to walk in anytime. With the advancement of technology, getting market information is now on your fingertips. Whether you looking to sell your house or are searching for a home, your legwork has been reduced sufficiently by the smartphone apps that are specialized in property sale, purchase or renting.

The apps ranges from a single app that gives you the complete know-how on the sale-purchase-rent fields or an app that are dedicated to just one of these three fields. There are also other apps that helps you dig into your tenants before renting out. 

Take a look at the 11 best useful tools that will help you find what you are looking for:

  • Want to make your home-buying process easier?
    Check out the Zillow Real Estate & Rentals app where you can look for a new home, save the searches and get push notifications every time a new home within your criteria gets in the market. They provide listing for every type of property where you can filter your search by price, beds, baths and property type.The perk of Zillow app is that it will show you the estimated mortgages through its “Affordability Calculator” after you enter your income, down payment, monthly debts etc..
  • Direct-deal by owners?
    Look no further, Search is the app that you need! Straightforward and easy to use, you can easily search by your current location or enter area by location in the homepage itself.In this app, you can easily choose the open houses, check the photo and contact the seller via phone or email, after selecting your listing.
  • View your Future on your Fingertips.
    Stay on top of your home search wherever you are with Tulia’sReal Estate & Home by Tulia. You can view high resolution slideshows of homes, townhome, condos, apartments and more. With built-in GPS, you can view home for sales right from your homescreen, get notified for any new home opening in the market.Search filters with mortgage calculations, sizes of home etc is available, For Agents, they have the special Trulia Agent App as well, you can download it here

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